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Chris Britt, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, has been telling stories and illustrating since he was a small boy. His first brilliant composition was rendered in crayon and marker on the walls of his parents' home when he was just three. One might think the lukewarm reception that followed would dissuade Chris, but he was intent on following his passion. He obtained a visual arts degree from the University of Illinois, and is an award-winning, nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist ... aka "a professional smart aleck and bomb thrower!" as one publisher was fond of saying.


Chris's work continues to be distributed to more than 200 newspaper clients a week. While he still enjoys poking fun at pompous politicians (and other deserving targets,) Chris is now dedicated to writing and illustrating children's books. His new book, "The Most Perfect Snowman" will be out Oct 11, 2016 from Harper Collins. 

Chris lives in foggy and soggy Tacoma, Washington, where he writes, draws and spends quality time picking moss out from between his toes.

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